The history of wallpaper

Very hard to say punctual, where are the wallpapers come from. The most probably thing is that, like the paper, the wallpaper was also discovered by China and they use it first. Sure, that the wallpaper spreaded by the Arabic people from the east to Europe. The first paper based wallpapers appeard in Europe in the beginning of the XVI. century. Since the paper production was very rudimentary at this time, the price of the paper based wallpaper was very high, so only the rich could allow to use this. Before the paper based wallpapers could spread, differend types of wall coverages were used on the continent. These wall coverages were made by silk and velvet. The wallpaper has 2 roles from the beginning, because those were used by wall decoration and wall insulation as well. The paper based wallpaper flourished from the XIX. century, by the development of the paper production technologies. The popularity of the wallpapers notably reduced at the first half of the XX. century, but thanks to the the strong urbanization, the appearances of flat, people discovered the possibilities of the wallpapers again. For today we can choose from very wide range of materials, colours and patterns, that the selection is not an easy excercise even if you have decided idea.

Choosing the suitable wallpaper

The wallpapers do not have only dacoration function, they are influences positive to the human’s mind, if you choose the suitable item. A good chosen wallpaper can completely change the stlye of the place and the impressure in the people. If we choose wrong, this will get back. If you use well the colours and patterns of a wallpaper, you can highlight the adventages of a room and we can revision on the scales. Maybe it sounds strange, but the suitable wallpaper can raise the efficiency at a workplace. We can make our employee’s mind by using colourful and happy colours. Since noone likes the gray, boring, depressive wall surfaces. So a colourful, happy wallpaper not only can raise your home beauty, it can help you to tide over easily the hard working weekdays.

The most popular wallpapertipes and its properties

Expanded/Foamed wallpapers:

Expanded wallpapers are made by paintpaste, which is put on a double coated paper, so the structure of the wallpapers are more soft and smooth to touch. We could disappear the holes and tears, what is more it insulates the wall by the the raised thickness of foamed wallpaper. It is very easy to clean these types of wallpapers and we can paint them several times.

Vinyl wallpapers:

Vinyl wallpapers are also put on a double paper base, however the base materials is pressed silk. It is a very popular type of wallpaper, because it is scratch-, hit- and abrasion resistant, moreover it is very easy to keep them clean. Looking the colours and the patterns it is a very variety wallpaper type, so you can easily find the suitable item to any kind of style home.

Vlies/non-woven wallpapers:

The vlies wallpapers are a special type of fabric wallpaper. They have several adventage properties, since their surface is very resistant and easy to keep them clean. You can easy install to any kind of wall, because you do not have to glue the back of the wallpaper, only the wall. However, the most important adventage of the vlies wallpaper, that it is made from environmentally friendly materials, like cotton, so thanking of this material the wall can easily „breathing” behind the wallpaper.

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