Poster/ Wall mural

The posters lived their golden ages at the 70s end and the beginning of the 80s. At that time the landscape wievs posters were the most generally, those were excellent to people can imagine himself to magical landscapes from the grey weekdays. Nowadays, these posters live their renaissance, and they are very fashionable, even if they represents 3d effects, non-figurative figures, or art-deco styled paintings, what is more, black and white posters are getting more popular too.

The size of the wallpaper posters demand a really big area ont he wall, so we have to put them on a wall, that is free. An area where nothing furniture, or anyithing will cover the poster on the wall, because something would break the overall effect of the poster. If the area would be small for us, that will not be any problem, since these posters can be found in more sizes. So we can choose to our home 1, 4, or 8 parts item, among these posters standing and lying representation can be found as well.

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