Adhesive foil

The advantages of the adhesive foils/wallpapers

One of the advantages of the adhesive foils is that we can choose from a very rich shape and colours range. Some wallpapers are excellently imitate wood veins, stone coverages, so they can magic rustic effect for the chosen wall area. There are adhesice foils which has high light, scratch-resistant or types that you can use on windows areas. Of course, the real adventages of these items that we can know from their name, that they can be put up very easily, since the adhesive foils do not need any glue, you can put up them easily to rough, curve wall areas. We could also find another adventage of using adhesive foils; we can use them as coating at outdoor walls, or premises where the walls will probably get big amount of water.

Adhesive foil/wallpaper installation

To install adhesive foils you do not need any glue, you just need only a tape measure, ruler, snitzeer and a tool that helps us to smooth the wallpaper. It is important that, the selected wall area should be clear from fat and dust, in order to the glue can stick right. Now draw the shape at the back of the wallpaper that we want to install, after we measured that. Then „cut” the chosen shape easily by a snitzer. In order to be our task easy, there is a line net grid at the back of the wallpaper. To the perfect suiting that is good if we have plus 5mm overlap, that we can cut off easily at the end. In order not to leave any air bubbles behind the wallpaper, firstly take off the back of only a little area, and after we matched the wallpaper to the right place, only start to remove the remaining backslide while we slick smoothly the wallpaper from the inside to outside. If the suiting of the adhesive wallpaper is not right, do not worried, because we can easy take that off and after put ont hat again, except int hat case, when the are was paper, because the adhesive will remove that paper base as well.

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