We found our company, Tapéta Center in 2007 autumn. We worked as an individual contractor at that time, but we formed to Ltd. a year later. The expansion of the distributed products contributed this.

Nowadays, we have two shops, since we opened a shop in Szeged at spring of 2014, next to our shop in Békéscsaba, in order to make more comfortable the shopping for our customers.

In our product range you can choose among 2500 different types of wallpaper, from which 180 types of wallpapers can be always found in our shops, on stock. If you chosen the suitable item, we take on the delivery to house of the chosen product, by a 2-3 days delivery time. Next to the wallpapers you can also find the suitable glue.

In order to fulfill our customer’s need at a higher volume, we launched our webshop too at 2013, where you can also find our wallpaper products range from the traditional wallpapers trought on the adhesive wallpapers, foils to the wall murals, wallpapers posters. Next to the wallpapers you can also order oilcloth tableclothes from our webshop, that is really only a few clicks.


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Address: 5600, Békéscsaba Luther street 18/1 Address: 6728, Szeged Moszkvai Boulevard 15.

Best regards: Majidi Ltd.

Hanging istructions for the wallpaper installation

1. step: Measurement and preparing

The fisrt step, check that the sticker is on the suitable roll. If the item number and the serial numbers are suitable, everything is right. After this, you can measure the surface of the wall. It is very important to both of the bottom of the wall and the top of the wall leave plus 5 cm, than the measured length. Then you can cut the first wallpaper, if the wallpaper is patterned, we have to pay attention for the patterns have to match. After this cut for sizes the other wallpapers too.


2. steps : Glue and fitting

After you cut the wallpaper to the measured size, oil the glue smoothly on the back of the wallpapers by a brush, pay attention to the end of the wallpapers. It is important not to leave any dry area on the back of the wallpaper. Then fold the wallpapers so that the glued parts face to eachother, pay attention that not to break or ruck the wallpaper. Let them rest about 15 minutes to the wallpapers be soft. In that case, if you are using vlies (non-woven) wallpaper, no use glue on the back of the wallpaper, you have to glue only the prepared wall and after the put the dry wallpapers to the glued wall.


3. steps: Installation, smooting

It is recommended to put the first glued wallpaper from the light, so we start next from the window. To be sure that the wallpaper will be installed vertical, you can use plumb line. start the smoothing from the inside to the edges, you can smoothing by a sponge, a clean rug or a brush. It is important that we have to press our the air and the remaining glue, so the surface of the wallpaper will be completely flat.


4. steps: Cut and gluing

After we marked de unnecessary wallpaper pieces, cut them off by scissors, separate the top part from the wall, and after you cut the unnecessary part, glue back the remaining part to the wall. Pay attention the following direction and that the patterns suit. After this you have to repeat this process at every wallpaper stripe, but do not put the edge of the wallpaper to the next wallpaper.(At the Emboss wallpapers there is 1 mm allowance, so the matching on eachother is allowed.)


5. steps: Alignment and straightening

If we do the corners of the room, recommended to cut the wallpaper into 2 part and you can carry on the installation on the other wall. In this case, leave about 1 cm allowance on the first installed wallpaper’s edge, then install the other part of the wallpaper to the adjacent wall, after you did this, you can cut off the allowance by scissors. For the perfect matching at the adjacent wallpapers, recommended to straighten the edges of the wallpapers by a roll.


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